It's my airporter

An insider look at the people that take Banff Airporter, who they are, what they do, and how they are connected to Banff and surrounding area.

“As an adventure and landscape photographer, I spend a lot of time on the road. I love knowing that each trip starts and ends with Banff Airporter®. The staff are consistently friendly, helpful and professional, and the vehicles are top-notch. I always look forward to Banff Airporter® as a smooth transition between my mountain home and the world beyond.”

Paul Zizka

Paul Zizka Photography

I currently live in Canmore and have been working as an Air Canada Flight Attendant for nearly 20 years. In my work, on time performance is important. When I use the Banff Airporter, I know that not only I’ll be there on time but my short voyage on the bus will be safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Whether I travel for work or for pleasure with my family, I can always count on Banff Airporter… It’s my Airporter!!

Genevieve Giroux

As an elite cross-country skier, I spend a lot of time flying around the world competing for Canada. Being on the road so much means that keeping my travel days smooth is essential for racing and recovery. With Banff Airporter, I love knowing that I will get to the airport on time, safe, and comfortably. When I get back to Canada, there's nothing better than sitting down on the Airporter bus, leaning back my chair, and enjoying the mountains as they come into view. It's my Airporter!

Maya MacIsaac-Jones

Riding the Banff airporter is the best way to get to my flight on time! It’s so easy and comfortable to take in the mountain views and when I get home there’s no stress about driving just smooth sailing.

Living in Banff for the last 20 years and being a professional snowboarder the Banff Airporter has been a game changer for helping to put me on the podium!. I can always depend on these fine folk for safely and timely getting me on the road and helping to keep me on top! It’s my airporter!

Michelle Locke