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Booking Online

When entering my flight information, do you want my flight departure time or arrival time?
I have entered all my information online and have clicked the ‘submit’ button, but nothing has happened. Did my booking go through?

Calgary Airport

Where do I go once I get to the Calgary Airport?
I am staying at a hotel near the airport, can the shuttle drop me off there?
I am going to be a few minutes late, will the bus wait for me?
What will happen to my reservation if my flight is cancelled? If I cannot travel can I receive a refund?
What will happen to my reservation if my flight is delayed?
How do I know which depature time is right for me?

The Journey between Calgary, Banff and Canmore

How long does it take to travel between Calgary, Canmore and Banff?
What happens if I miss my scheduled time from Banff or Canmore?
Is the Banff National Park Pass included in the price of the ticket?
Where can I be dropped off in Banff and Canmore?


Bus Specifications

How much luggage can I have – is there a surcharge for snowboards, skis?
Is my pet allowed to travel with me?
Is there Wifi on board the shuttle?
Are there washrooms onboard?



Can my child/infant sit on my lap?
Will I be charged in Canadian Dollars or United States Dollars?
Does your shuttle go to Lake Louise?