Hey Traveller! Book yourself a little extra time and breath easy. Winter traffic may delay your airport arrival.


Help is just around the corner. Feel free to contact us if you don’t feel like reading or if your question(s) are not answered below.

Booking Changes & Cancellations

What will happen to my reservation if my flight is delayed?
Changes to your booking are made free of charge. We try to accommodate flight delays as best possible. If we have your flight number we can track your flight and move your reservation to the next available shuttle. Sometimes you might know of a flight delay before we do, therefore it is always best to call our office to speak to a representative at +1-888-449-2901, especially if your flight is cancelled or delayed before take off.
What will happen to my reservation if my flight is cancelled? If I cannot travel can I receive a refund?
We are happy to give you a full refund if you contact us before your scheduled shuttle time. You will need to speak to a representative at 1 (888) 449-2901.

Airport Arrivals

How do I know which depature time is right for me?
When arriving at the Calgary Airport, plan on having 30 minutes to collect your bags and make it to our desk for domestic arrivals and 45 minutes for international arrivals. For example, if your plane is scheduled to arrive at Calgary Airport between 12:15 and 12:30, we suggest you book your spot on the 13:30 scheduled service from Calgary Airport to Banff.

If it’s tighter than this, for example, a plane scheduled to arrive at 12:50, we suggest you book the 14:30 and then move on to the 13:30 if you arrive on time/early. This is to avoid booking the 13:30, missing it and then finding the 14:30 is sold out, leaving you to wait until 15:30.

Where do I go once I get to the Calgary Airport?
The answer to this question is so important we’ve created its own page. Click here for more info.
I am staying at a hotel near the airport, can the shuttle drop me off there?
Unfortunately not. We have one drop off and pick up location in Calgary, which is the Calgary Airport. If you are staying at a nearby hotel we suggest checking with your hotel to see if they provide an airport shuttle.
I am going to be a few minutes late, will the bus wait for me?
We understand that flight delays occur. In consideration of all guests, our departures from Calgary Airport are prompt. If you miss your scheduled departure, we happily move you to the next available shuttle free of charge.
What do I do if I miss the last bus?
If you miss the 22:30 (our latest departure) due to a flight delay you can catch a cab or spend the night in an airport hotel and we’ll refund you the cost of your booking the next morning (individuals are responsible for contacting us in order to have the refund validated and issued). If you wish to hop on one of our shuttles departing the airport after your hotel stay, just let us know and we will be happy to arrange this for you. Please note, although we would love to hold the shuttle, we cannot do so as we have to consider other passengers onboard.

The Journey

Are there washrooms onboard?
There are no washrooms. If you urgently need to stop, please let the driver know and they will pull over at the earliest possible stop.
Can my child/infant sit on my lap?
You must book a separate seat for a child or infant. The Banff Airporter can also provide child safety seats (free of charge) if you are not travelling with one. Infant bookings need to be made over the phone by calling our office to speaking to a representative at +1-888-449-2901.
Is my pet allowed to travel with me?
Due to allergies we, unfortunately, do not allow pets in our vehicles. However, if you have a service animal we will be happy to have them on board.
Is there Wifi on board the shuttle?

There is no wifi on board the shuttle. Coverage between Calgary and Banff is spotty and if we can’t do it right, we won’t do it at all.

How long does it take to travel between Calgary, Canmore and Banff?
Canmore to Calgary typically takes 1 hour 20 minutes.
Banff to Calgary typically takes 1 hour 45 minutes (not including the time to drop passengers off)
How much luggage can I have - is there a surcharge for snowboards, skis and bikes?
Our luggage limit is similar to that of most airlines. We allow for:

  • 2 pieces of luggage and 1 carry-on.
  • Ski and snowboards must be in a ski/snowboard bag.
  • Sporting equipment are included in your luggage limit.
  • Bikes must be packaged in a box to prevent damage during transport.

If you are travelling with a bike boxes or any other oversized luggage items please contact us. Banff Airporter® is not responsible for any damage incurred during transport

Is the Banff National Park Pass included in the price of the ticket?

The Banff National Park Pass is not included in the ticket price. We do not stop when entering the Park, therefore it is your responsibility to purchase a pass once in the Park. You can purchase a Park’s Pass at the information centre in Banff or online at: https://parkpass.banfflakelouise.com/

You do not need to purchase a park pass to ride on the Airporter, but you should have one to stay in the park. For more information please contact Parks Canada.

Banff/Canmore Departures

Where can I be picked up or dropped off in Banff and Canmore?
In Banff we can pick up and drop off at home addresses and hotels.
In Canmore we pick up and drop off exclusively at the Coast Hotel.
How do I know which departure is right for me?
When departing Banff or Canmore we recommend arriving at the Airport 2 hours prior to domestic flights and 3 hours prior to international flights.


Does your shuttle go to Lake Louise?
Our scheduled service does not go to Lake Louise. We do have some pretty sweet private cars that can get you to Lake Louise though. You can check out pricing and vehicle options here Banff Sedan.
Will I be charged in Canadian Dollars or United States Dollars?
You will be charged in Canadian Dollars.
I have entered all my information online and have clicked the ‘submit’ button, but nothing has happened. Did my booking go through?
Are you using Internet Explorer? If you answered “yes”, then try using a different web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. You will be able to tell if your booking has gone through as you will be directed to a confirmation page and you will receive a confirmation email. If you are still having difficulties booking, call our office to speak to a representative at +1-888-449-2901.