Hey Traveller! Book yourself a little extra time and breathe easy. Winter road conditions may delay your airport arrival.

Finding Us At The Airport

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Finding Us At The Airport

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International Arrivals to Banff Airporter

Air Canada Arrivals to Banff Airporter

WestJet Domestic Arrivals to Banff Airporter

Our Location in Airport

Banff Airporter is located inside the airport on the arrivals level between exit doors 5 and 6. Please meet your driver inside the airport.

Free Luggage Carts

The first thing to remember when flying into Calgary Intl. Airport is that it’s one of the nicest and easiest to navigate airports in the world. Luggage carts are free and help is just around the corner thanks to countless White Hat Volunteers.

Planning Your Departure Time

Plan on having 30 minutes to collect your bags and make it to our desk for domestic arrivals and 45 minutes for international arrivals. For example, if your plane is scheduled to arrive at Calgary Airport between 12:15 and 12:30, we suggest you book your spot on the 13:30 scheduled service from Calgary Airport to Banff. If it’s tighter than this, for example a plane scheduled to arrive at 12:50, we suggest you book the 14:30 and then move on to the 13:30 if you arrive on time/early. This is to avoid booking the 13:30, missing it and then finding the 14:30 is sold out, leaving you having to wait until 15:30.

We track your flight

You’ll notice that when you make your reservation, we ask for your flight information. We use this to track your flight. If you’re unable to make your flight due to delays, we’ll know about it and will book you on the next available shuttle, meaning you have no need to worry while in the air! This service is offered free of charge. Tracking your flight does not mean we’ll change our departure time based on your flight arrival.