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Everything you need, from finding us at the airport to travelling around Banff.

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Travel Information

Finding Us At The Airport

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International Arrivals to Banff Airporter

Air Canada Arrivals to Banff Airporter
WestJet Domestic Arrivals to Banff Airporter

Our Location in Airport

Banff Airporter is located inside the airport on the arrivals level between exit doors 5 and 6. Please meet your driver inside the airport.

Free Luggage Carts

The first thing to remember when flying into Calgary Intl. Airport is that it’s one of the nicest and easiest to navigate airports in the world. Luggage carts are free and help is just around the corner thanks to countless White Hat Volunteers.

Planning Your Departure Time

Plan on having 30 minutes to collect your bags and make it to our desk for domestic arrivals and 45 minutes for international arrivals. For example, if your plane is scheduled to arrive at Calgary Airport between 12:15 and 12:30, we suggest you book your spot on the 13:30 scheduled service from Calgary Airport to Banff. If it’s tighter than this, for example a plane scheduled to arrive at 12:50,we suggest you book the 14:30 and then move on to the 13:30 if you arrive on time/early. This is to avoid booking the 13:30, missing it and then finding the 14:30 is sold out, leaving you having to wait until 15:30.

We track your flight

You’ll notice that when you make your reservation, we ask for your flight information. We use this to track your flight. If you’re unable to make your flight due to delays, we’ll know about it and will book you on the next available shuttle, meaning you have no need to worry while in the air! This service is offered free of charge. Tracking your flight does not mean we’ll change our departure time based on your flight arrival.

Baggage Services

Let us do the heavy lifting

We’ll take your luggage and pre-load it onto the bus so that you can enjoy the airport and walk to the bus without your bags. After loading on the bus our driver will introduce themselves, explain the features of the vehicle, offer free bottled water and prepare for your safe departure.

Delivered to your front door

Checking in with Banff Airporter® is easy. When you arrive at our desk you’ll find a smiling agent ready to check you in. Your bags are preloaded by your driver. The entire process is smooth and all you need to know is your last name…no paperwork required. Once in Banff or Canmore you’ll be delivered right to your front door.

Getting Around Banff


Pedestrian friendly

Banff is a pedestrian town. Taking advantage of our wide sidewalks and short walking distances makes for the best way to experience the Town of Banff.

Tour or rent car in Banff

You may enjoy a trip down the Bow Valley Parkway Highway 1A or the Icefields Parkway. Both are amazing ways to spend a day. We suggest taking a tour or renting a car from one of our many Banff-based rental car companies instead of renting from Calgary only to worry about parking, fuel, insurance and the other hidden costs of a weekly rental.

Using the public transit

If you’d like to visit Canmore, use ROAM, a community-run transit system. ROAM also serves the Town of Banff, with routes going to the Banff Upper Hot Springs and Gondola, the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, as well as up and down Banff Avenue. You can’t miss their buses as they all sport a different animal “wrap” that covers the entire bus.

We help you navigate

Using Banff Airporter® is about as simple as it gets. Upon your arrival at Calgary Airport, you check in at our desk. At that point, we’ll take your luggage for you and you’ll be escorted out to the bus. Two hours later you’ll be dropped right to your front door. No need to worry about directions, traffic, the rental car company not having the SUV you wanted and all of the other worries and liabilities that come with a vehicle rental.

Routes, FAQs and Legal Stuff

We offer many round trips daily

Banff Airporter® is the best way to get between the Calgary Airport and Banff. We make it easy to book online with daily departures and comfortable transfers.
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Have a question? Find the answer.

Help is just around the corner. Feel free to contact us if you don’t feel like reading or if you’re question(s) are not answered in this section.
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Need to know legal info?

Maybe you need to know what types of payment we accept or what our re-scheduling policies are, or perhaps our policies on “no show” or other relevant information. It’s all in legal.
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