La Terrazza

a Review by Miles Kennedy, Head Driver at the Banff Airporter


Ever since retiring to Banff from Ottawa 4 years ago, my wife and I have been missing our favourite Italian Restaurant, Mama Teresa’s. We tried the other Italian venues in town but, with no satisfaction, none of them held a candle to what we had become accustomed. Then La Terrazza opened in the Banff Park Lodge and we decided to give it a try and thank goodness we did, the food was incredible, the ambience intimate and the service was top notch. We each had appetizers followed by our main course and drinks with dinner; the bill came to just under $150.00 including a generous tip for our server who was appropriately attentive, extremely pleasant and knew her menu well. Special mention has to be given to the Steamed Clams; my mother’s side of the family are all from Nova Scotia and I too have salt in my veins, so, I am particularly picky when it comes to properly prepared seafood; La Terrazza’s Steamed Clams were the best I have ever had. My wife gives a similar review for the Eggplant, the Melanzana Stack. For our main course, we had the Chicken Parmigiana and the Veal Saltimbocca. Let me say it again, thank goodness we decided to give La Terrazza a try it was incredible – a must try while in Banff. I give it 5 stars for sure.