Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


Banff Airporter® is currently seeking drivers for our scheduled and charter service. When you work with Banff Airporter®, you’re more than a driver. You stand as a book end to the visitors of Banff National Park. You set the tone for their trip when you pick them up in Calgary and offer their final farewell when you drop them off at Calgary Airport. Some people may think that the job is simply driving a bus (I’m not going to lie….you’ll have to be passionate about driving) but it also has a significant customer service element to it. Hotel front desk, concierge or bellmen are perfectly suited to this position as the have the required customer service skills, but may need to gain the driving skills. Professional drivers also fit in as they possess the driving skills and may need to brush up on the customer service side of the equation. Regardless of your background, we’re interested in hiring smart, happy people that have a can-do attitude. We’re looking to fill full-time, part-time and casual positions.

A typical day on shift is like this:

Scheduled Service – Arrive at work 45 minutes prior to your first pick up. Prep your vehicle and take care of admin items. Pick up your passengers around Banff and head for Calgary Airport. Wish your customers safe travels and head in for that bathroom break you’ve been waiting for. You can take your time as you have between 30-45 minutes before you’re needed again. Once back on shift you have some admin work and then you’re ready to load your bus and head back to Canmore and Banff. In Banff, you drop off your passengers and head back to the Banff Office and either head for home or prepare to drive back to Calgary. As a full-time scheduled driver, you will work 3.5 days per week and collect at least 80 hours a pay period.

Charter Driver – When driving as a charter driver you are involved in airport runs, in-town transfers, activity transfers, 1/2 day and full day trips and the occasional trip to some other place in Alberta. Regardless, you’ll be doing something different every day. As a driver myself, I’ve been involved with Banff World Media Festival and have driven William Shatner and have also driven business leaders for North America’s top businesses.

Regardless of who you’re driving, it’s always a nice time on the road as we run a fleet of modern luxury coaches.

Drivers must live in either Banff or Canmore. Driver cannot be based in Calgary.

Driver Testimonials:

Bill: “The Banff Airporter® is a first-class organization.  Management have set a very high standard and are able to deliver on a regular basis because of the first class people they employ.  The weekly schedule shifts are terrific 3.5 days (40 hours) leaving lots of time to enjoy family, friends and the great outdoors.  Doing charter work gives you an opportunity to meet lots of interesting people from all over the world.  You can access the company computer from home and pick the Charter trips that suit your schedule.  I love to drive, meet interesting people and share our wonderful Rockies. So for me it is the perfect occupation.”

Chris: “I’ve been with the Banff Airporter® for over 3 years and there are many perks that come with the job. They offer competitive wages, flexible hours, gratuities and the fact that you work independently. The management are great to work for and are always looking out for what’s best for the employees. It’s great to know I work for a locally-owned company that has a great reputation in town… come see what we’re all about!”