New Runs Starting June 1

We’re happy to announce that we will be offering two new departures starting June 1, 2017. Firstly, we’re offering a departure from Calgary Airport to Canmore and Banff at 12 midnight. We’re excited about this departure because it allows people to either plan later flight arrivals or to rely on it in the case of flight delays. Secondly, we’re offering a 03:00 (yes, 3 in the morning) departure from Banff to Calgary Airport and a 03:40 departure from Canmore to Calgary Airport. 03:00 seems really early, and it is, but this will allow passengers to catch a 06:00Ā Domestic flight or a 07:00 International flight.

Bookings can be made by clicking the book now button at the top of the screen. We’re thrilled to be able to offer these two new departures and to offer our customers this new level of travel flexibility.